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Taming - Week #4

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So, the amazing progress we made during the first week set me up for disappointment during the next 2 weeks because we completely came to a standstill with taming. I was still permitted to touch and be near their cage and watched with great interest whenever I would talk and sing, but putting my hand IN their cage, no matter what treat I may have been holding, still made neither of them to want to be anywhere near me.

I was starting to become extremely disheartened because I did not know how I was going to ever get them to want to eat treats out of my hand when they showed NO interest in treats that were in their bowl. And that is when I had my first stroke of brilliance. I started rotating the placement of the food bowl and their treat bowl, that way they found treats when they went looking for regular food. And every day I used a different type of treat and every day I rotated the placement again – always putting the treat bowl in first, to make it the first bowl they inspected.

I got decent result with this. They now very much enjoy eating millet and their honey treats. However, there was still no interest in the other 5 types of treats and no interest when it was in my hand. *sigh*

I did become very excited the day I heard Rumple’s nightly song but in a softer tone and turned to see that BELLE was whistling and dancing!! She has since done this numerous times and even engaged me in conversation. I took this to be a big sign that she is feeling at lot more comfortable in her new home.

Then this morning when I went to feed them… I got my second stroke of brilliance. I ONLY put their treat dish in the cage and kept the regular food dish to the side. This forced both of them to give their dried fruit medley treats a chance. They did not show a great deal of interest, but they did at least TASTE them. Then about 15 minutes later, I opened up the cage door and held their food dish in my hand right next to it. Sure enough, I ended up getting both birds to eat their regular food from my hand!! (With the help of the stainless steel buffer.)

Belle: Posted Image Rumple: Posted Image

But as far as I am concerned, this counts as eating from my hand!! Belle even grabbed one of my fingers for support for a very brief period of time. I am thinking that after a week or so of method of feeding them, I can probably get them to eat out of my palm. (Hopefully not setting myself up for more disappointment....) And hopefully also get them to give their treats more of a chance.

They will be having their first vet visit in about 2 weeks. I am very nervous that the experience may traumatize them and ruin our progress so far. All I can hope is that by then, they will have more of an interest in the treats to be able to reward them with and make it easier on them.

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