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Taming - Anecdote

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So, my idea to feed the birds out of the food dish while it is in my hands has been working out magnificently! Every morning I offer it to them from my hands first, and once they have had their fill I put the food dish in the slot for it in their cage. They are both becoming more and more comfortable with eating this way and it has made them both a lot more comfortable with the cage door being opened and my hand being in their cage.

This morning something rather amazing happened. For a few seconds they were both perched on the bowl I was holding and eating at the same time! (Normally Belle doesn't let Rumple share with her and he has to wait until she is done) Then when Belle finished eating, she climbed onto the open cage door and perched right on top of it - boldly standing outside the cage!

I got slightly worried how I would get her back inside but the answer just came to me. I slowly moved the dish closer to one of the perches and Rumple stepped down! (I made sure to say the command). Then I held the dish in front of Belle and she stepped right up! Then I slowly moved them into the cage and held her next to one of the perches and she stepped down!

It's a bit radical I suppose... instead of stick training, I am bowl training. LOL. But it is working and has me really excited and has brought a whole new level to our interactions!


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