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Here we go again...

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So, over the last few months, Rumple has really become quite the momma's boy. He get's intensely jealous if I am showing Belle attention or playing with her and not him and he will flutter to the floor and walk up to me and chirp to be picked up. It's very adorable. He has taken to enjoying sitting on my shoulder and playing with my earrings and will stay with me while we watch TV or walk all around the house. I have become very pleased with our relationship.

So then I noticed he was sneezing a lot. And his nostrils looked red. And the spots were back on his tongue. The vet confirmed his mouth infection had returned.

So we changed our vitimen drops and got some medicine and immune sytem booster that he needs to take twice a day... and he is NOT pleased. When I come home from work and open the cage up - instead of instantly climbing out with excitement... he now stands still inside the cage and GLARES at me.

I try to spend a lot of happy time with him after giving him the medicine and offering him tons of treats.... but he is DEFINATELY holding it against me and our relationship is becoming strained.


Stupid sick bird... making mommy worry. I wish I didn't have to torture you and shove medicine in your beak, but you need it and mommy needs you to be healthy and live a long time.

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