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Here we go again...

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So, over the last few months, Rumple has really become quite the momma's boy. He get's intensely jealous if I am showing Belle attention or playing with her and not him and he will flutter to the floor and walk up to me and chirp to be picked up. It's very adorable. He has taken to enjoying sitting on my shoulder and playing with my...

Day 1 with Sky and my first ever blog....

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Hi to any one who might read this :hello:

This is my first ever blog, I would like to use it as a way of recording Sky's progress and bonding..

Day 1

After arriving last night and having time to adjust to her new surroundings Sky was pleased to greet me this morning, she steped up onto my finger straight away and made her way to my...

~Day 6~

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Well today Miry was a little easier to get out of her cage. But once out decided to go for a flap around my house. Which made all the other birds decided to flap with her. Which resluting in me getting circled by cockatiels for about 2 minutes. Then the others landed and she had a crash landing, as she likes to do. After that I went and got her...

How to select Computer Hardware

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Image reduced in size...

Wow STILL no hatching action......

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So it has been 3 days since the due date July 1 for my birds to hatch. Three were supposed to hatch that day, but none did. I think they didn't hatch because the mom skipped a whole night incubating them, or they could just be late.. Well i am expecting one to hatch today or tomorrow, that i think was thoroughly incubated on. I hope at-least...

From: Gauras Breeding

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Baby #1 has been named Govardhana and Is flying pretty nice for his age (hes around 3 weeks old)
Baby #2 and #3 are starting to look "out"

Source: Gauras Breeding
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