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My Birds POO

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Posted 04 February 2017 - 01:59 AM

[size="4"]We got sandy a little over a year ago as a orphan from the bird store where we board Kiwi when we go away. He is 5 years old. Ever since we got him his poop is very watery and loose. I took him to our avian vet 2 times and all she can say is to get him off seeds and put him on pellets. This didnt make sense to me as when we got the bird he wasnt eating seeds and had the same watery poop. We also went to see another avian vette who said same thing about not eating seeds and he wanted to do blood work for like 500 dollars which i wasn't able to afford. I converted him to 80% pellets and there was no difference in his poop. She tested his poop and said all looks ok When we got him he was only being fed nutriberries and Harrison but the bird wasn't eating the Harrison. We were told that's all that sandy would eat. So we tried feeding him all kinds of things and he would eat almost anything. fruits veggies corn flakes chicken etc. Poor guy wasn't being fed too well. Ok here is my question. I understand the the poop has 3 parts; the solid matter feces that is coiled, urates which are opaque white or cream colored and urine a colorless liquid. Sandy poop doesnt have any urates in it only the feces and mostly urine. It is not diarrhea (so the vett said). Can anyone tell me what would cause the birds poop to not have the urates in it and why the poop is so watery? Thanks in advance

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Posted 05 February 2017 - 06:40 PM

Hi Pastha, sorry to hear about your cockatiels problem. Unfortunatey, I am unable help and we have know vets on this forum. However, I can guide to our facebook page where we do have a memberwho could help. Her name is Susanne Russo. She's from Florida and knows more than anyone I've ever been in contact with about cockatiels. The facebook group is called Totally Cockatiels and the link is: https://www.facebook...s/172391846218/
Request to join, I am an admin on there and can approve your request. Then post your question and we'll get Susanne to look at it.

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