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Show Off Your Cage Setup!

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Posted 22 November 2013 - 02:16 PM

Hi all,
Please let me know if this is the wrong place to post. I couldn't seem to find anywhere for people to post up what their cages and cage setups look like, so I figured it would be nice to start a thread! I think people can learn and help each-other improve their tiels homes if we can see what setups etc you have come up with Posted Image
My cockatiel is arriving next week, but I have already picked out a cage for him/her. I chose this one as it was the biggest cage I could find that still had appropriate bar spacing (when you get a cage larger than the one I have purchased, usually the bar spacing gets too wide as they are generally suited for larger birds). There was a smaller version of this cage for $40 cheaper (the one I purchased is $179, and comes with the stand), but since they both had the same bar spacing I figured it best to go as big as I can. The dimensions are 60x60x100cm.

The food bowls were smaller in the smaller version of this cage, and for reference to how large the one I bought is, about 2-3 cockatiels could perch comfortably around the edge of the food bowls shown in the large cage's photo. I'm thinking for one cockatiel maybe the bowls are a little TOO big, so I may need to replace them, which might be a bit tricky as they sit in metal rings and are attached to a little door that swings out to easily refill the bowls (so basically, I might not be able to use a smaller bowl if the metal ring that holds it can't be adjusted smaller). Where I live this really is the biggest you can get with safe bar spacing, do you think it is sufficient for one cockatiel? I have had a cockatiel in the past who had a smaller cage than this but was happy and comfortable, so I am assuming this 'new and improved' size will be fine, if not a lot better Posted Image Let me know what you think! Posted Image

Cage I bought (in the pet shop, I am picking it up next week):

Posted Image The sign on the front of it says 'This cage is best suited for small parrots/cockatiels'.

Posted Image

Smaller 'one cockatiel' version:
Posted Image Note the difference in feeding bowl size with the larger cage.

Size reference to my hand and 1.5L drink bottle Posted Image :
Posted Image You can see the little doors that swing out that the bowls are attached to.

Thoughts? Posted Image

And I would love to see other's cages and setups! Posted Image

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Posted Image
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Posted 30 November 2013 - 06:42 AM

Great idea Areiniah, interesting to see other tiels homes.
I have 5 cages for 2tiels. They have 2 small ones for the night time. And 3large ones for daytime, depending where are are. They also have a play gym when out of the cages. But mostly they just sit on us or the keyboard, when with us in the shop.
I will try to post some pictures. Welcome to the family.

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