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Cockatiel Urgent Diet Problems?

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Posted 01 December 2014 - 02:40 AM

I've been having some definite issues with my single Cockatiels diet.
I currently don't know his/her gender, so we often just refer to him as a him (His name for now is Charlie).

He's around one year old, and I've now had him for a year (his birthday was in November this year). He was bought from a pet store that is no longer running, it closed down quite a while ago. My main problem is that as soon as I bought him, I was given the wrong information. The pet store manager informed me he was okay to simply use on their diet (they gave me a free large bag that contained only Millet and Sunflower seeds, and they didn't suggest anything else). Apparently all the Cockatiels were being fed on this, and they looked quite scraggy (My Cockatiels feathers looked rough and.. generally unappealing).

Me, unknowing, brought him home and used the seed mix I was given. He became very attached to me, though he's got some issues with personal space, and also I believe has some respiratory problems. After flying he wheezes (as If he's trying to catch his breath), though no other symptoms, he's always been like this and it worries me (so, it's been ongoing for around a year now). He is also very clumsy and often almost falls off of my shoulder, off of his perch, etc. This scares me that he's secretly sick, but he's never shown any other symptoms, and it's been over a year now. The vet isn't an option, as the only vet near me is unreliable and only deals with larger animals such as Dogs and Cats (they know nothing of birds). Though, they do mention that they can deal with birds (even though I don't trust them), so I don't know if it's worth taking him. He also hates people touching his back, wings, and anywhere he doesn't feel comfortable, I'd feel terrible putting him through stress like that just to get a no-good answer from a vet.

Only lately did I realise I was doing everything wrong, and trust me, I feel more than terrible. I love my baby boy so much, and I can't sum up how I feel that I've given him all of the wrong things, I feel at blame, and honestly, I hope I can correct my actions as soon as possible. I live in the North West UK, but I'm having major problems with his diet. What would be some suggested Seed Mixes (I was told seeds were unhealthy and fatty when fed on their own. I'm wondering if it would be okay to use the Pets At Home Cockatiel And Lovebird Seed Mix?). Along with this, what should a Cockatiel get Veggies/Fruit wise in a day? I'm getting mixed answers, but I want to know from personal people who own them, what they actually feed (Say, what Veggies do you give yours in the morning/afternoon/night?). I'm currently writing down lists of Veggies and fruits that they can have, along with I'm hoping to try and get him to eat them (he refuses to eat anything but seeds, but I'm going to be persistent and keep trying).

I would also love to know, is it necessary to weigh your Cockatiel? If so, How? I've read on a different forum you can monitor your birds weight by using a gram scale while I convert them to Veggies, but honestly, I'd feel like I'm starving him. He never sits still, meaning it would be an awful lot of trouble.

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Posted 04 January 2015 - 08:49 AM

If I had to offer any advice it would be to definitely keep on eye on the weight, if you don't know there usual weight, and they can drop weight extremely quickly as much as 6-7grams over night. Although mine put it back on the next day. My 2 boys weigh about 90grams. They are mostly seed birds but do eat verges, grasses, greens, love their toast in the mornings ( but not everyday). My boys are rescues, so it has been a ling hard struggle to change their diet. I just bought a very cheap but accurate kitchen grams weighing scales, works great and allows me to track their weight.
Talk again soon

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