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My Day of Honour and Glory

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Snick Short Changes the Chooks

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"Did you cook that disgusting carrot for me?" snorted Snick.

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Today I found a Treasure Trove

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Awwww! I don't believe it! Catherine has dumped all this meringue on a plate and left it here!

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And there is no one around. I'll have to take a closer look.

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Oh yes, it's definitely meringue! Ah heaven! :cloud9:...

Snick's Christmas

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Snick's Golden Moment

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Snick Goes Green

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“What are you looking like that for Snick?”

Snickery Snoo did not reply. He seemed to be focussed on something internal.

“Snick! What is happening? Stop it!”

Snick had turned green. I panicked.

“Snick, stop it at once! That is horrible! You look awful! Whatever is the matter?!”
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Snick Ponders the Hereafter ... Briefly

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“Wendy Darling says that the Shoes used to live in Adelaide,” Snick told me today.
“Yes, they did,” I replied.
“When are they going back?”
“They aren’t going back, Snick.”
“Never. Well … not unless I die. Then they might go back there.”

Snick’s eyes brightened. He opened his beak.
“Before you say anything,...

Snick Is Bothered By The Shoes

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“What is it with the Shoes?” Snick asked me this morning.
“You are afraid of them, aren’t you Snick?”
“Me!? I am not afraid of anything thing! I’m the Woggle Hunter.”
“I know. You are very brave and bold when it comes to woggles and geckos.”
“Yes. Well those are real things.”
“Oh, I see. You’re not really sure...

Snick Makes a 'Phone Call

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In which Snick Hunts a Woggle

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“Whassat?!” Snick gasped.
He could hear something. The sound was somewhere between a scratch and a squeak. Screak...

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