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I truly appreciate this forum post. Fantastic. Richmann

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I truly appreciate this forum post. Fantastic. Mccally
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Im thankful for the forum topic.Thanks Again. Will read on... Lather

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Im thankful for the forum topic.Thanks Again. Will read on... Borsellino
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Wow, great post.Really looking forward to read more. Want more. Orebaugh

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Wow, great post.Really looking forward to read more. Want more. Donn
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Im obliged for the post. Much obliged. Mollison

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Im obliged for the post. Much obliged. Capasso
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Wow, great forum post.Much thanks again. Will read on... Cracknell

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Wow, great forum post.Much thanks again. Will read on... Oyuela
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I value the forum.Really looking forward to read more. Really Great. Bellon

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I value the forum.Really looking forward to read more. Really Great. Faraci
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Wow, great forum post.Much thanks again. Will read on... Wiltbank

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Wow, great forum post.Much thanks again. Will read on... Wicke
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Question about breeding genetics

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Crazy Cute Cockatiels 
- 08-14-17 14:29 - 0 comments

Hi so I am getting new Cockatiels. I don't know the parents to the first two but one is a white face grey. The other is a regular pearl. I am hoping to get a lutino pied from a breeder and an albino at some point.

My question is this...
What would a white face grey x regular pearl produce?
What about a white face grey and albino?
Or white face and lutino pied?
Or white face and lutino?
Should be worth noting the lutino pied has one pied parent one lutino parent, if they turn out to be pied. The breeder can't tell at this point colors but the pair has produced pied and greys in the past.
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More than one cockatiel?

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- 08-04-17 00:08 - 0 comments

Hi all, I am a newbie here but i'm only here as I want the best for my lovely tiel Monty and wanted to ask those that know better than me!
I will need to give you background info so you know where i'm coming from and what i'm going on about....
SO! we had parrots of various breed but after old age and one from an unknown illness we were left with 1 parrot, a Black Headed Caique called Wally and she seemed fine and happy until she wasn't and was screeching like i'd never heard before, until one morning I discovered an egg in her cage, so Wally was a Wallina! Anyway we tried everything to get her to stop laying eggs, the noises were horrific sounding! In the end it did seem to us that it was quite the coincidence that this started as soon as she was all alone for the first time in many years! You probably guessed what I will say next, but we felt strongly she was lonely and needed company, after much research it seemed the kind of bird we were looking for was a Cockatiel which surprised me as if i'm honest i'd never liked them as all my experiences with them were from Aunties and Grannies cramming loads into small cages and them all looking either angry, stressed or scared and usually mostly bald, a right sorry sight! But after more research into the breed and many you tube videos it's fair to say I fell in love and wanted one anyway!
So I got one, my lovely Monty who I love beyond belief, he was so scared of me at first and now he loves to sit on me and wants me to sing, whistle and talk to him, I can tell how happy it makes him, especially as Wally doesn't talk or even sing much, she's a screamer! :P
They have separate cages but come out together in the same room, they love to play together and huddle together, preening and other friendly stuff (I suspect Monty would like more but Wally is like Heck no!)
Now this is where I get to the issue, which is actually Wallys destructive behaviour, no i'm not here to ask advice about that, been there and done that and it's beyond hope, she has destroyed the room and i'm not talking poo, dust and feathers or even small amounts of destruction, i'm talking chewing through wall plaster destruction and everything else she can get her beak on and yes she has so much stuff to chew, shred and destroy but she goes for everything she shouldn't and frankly i'm worried for her safety and the only reason I haven't found her a new home is because of Monty....which is ironic when considering my first reason for even getting another bird, SO!

My concern is Monty being left alone and I know people on here don't like you getting a bird for another bird but i'm only thinking this, this time around as I've seen with my own eyes everyday how much he loves to have a buddy and as I mentioned there are 2 cages so they would have their own space, however this leaves me wondering and worrying, if I get another tiel should it be male or female? As I mentioned before my experiences with seeing multi tiels was not great but they were over crowded and sharing a cage, but I've also seen a friend with 2 bonded pairs in a massive cage together but there were missing feathers again, so I really worry about this. I don't want to breed so I worry about about getting a female (or will this not happen if they have separate cages?) and I worry about another male.... well you know how fellas can sometimes be, so maybe if I did consider a male a young one would be better as less threatening to Monty? Obviously I wouldn't leave them alone whether male or female at first for safety's sake, but still I would like everyone's opinion and I just hope I don't sound horrible regarding Wally, I honestly have tried everything, I've spent a fortune trying to make her happy but it seems happiness for her is destroying everything, everything! *cries* It's the hardest thing to think about and i'm still undecided truth be told, but I hope no one things badly of me :( If I do decide it's best for both of us if she has a fresh start I would obviously also be very careful about where she goes, I do love her dearly but I find it hard to cope with her.
It's funny because I read a post on here where someone was trying to explain was a commitment a tiel is and how much hard work they are and honestly I thought, huh! That is how hard it is to cope with Wally, any mess Monty makes is just nothing in comparison, I find him a joy to look after and he also happens to be awesome and amazing :D

Sorry for the long post and waffling on but I felt you needed the full picture to be able to understand and maybe help me better, thank you in advance :)
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Female aggressive towards male

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- 06-05-17 23:35 - 0 comments


I have had two cockatiels for about 6 months now. I have a female and a male who up until recently got on very well. I didn't get them with the intention of breeding and was sold as two males.

I had a feeling she was expecting eggs so I added a nesting box to the cage. At this point the female became very territorial and started launching herself at the male as soon as he got close to the nesting box.

I have removed the nesting box as unsure what to do as she is very aggressive towards him when the box is present. I have read about males being aggressive but can't find anything the other way round.

Help would be appreciated!

Just to add to date we have had one egg laid then left at the bottom of the cage

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- 04-13-17 22:40 - 4 comments

Hi guys, I just got a new cockatiel and I now she is less than a year old but they didn't know the months. Does anyone know how to estimate the age? She is still clumsy and has big eyes, but she is bigger in size than my other cockatiel which is 17 months old. She is the one on the left.
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still very scared :(

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- 03-10-17 10:52 - 0 comments

Hi everyone please excuse me if i have posted in wrong section.
so we got cleo 3 weeks ago we were told that he is 8 months old . Our poor boy is terrified of everyone and everything.I felt with lots of gentle chatting he was getting used to me but it seems not . If i approach his cage to change food or water he is hissing and now lunging too . so my question is does he need a friend ? I dont want him to be so scared and upset. thanks in advance.nadine
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My Birds POO

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- 02-04-17 01:59 - 1 comments

[size="4"]We got sandy a little over a year ago as a orphan from the bird store where we board Kiwi when we go away. He is 5 years old. Ever since we got him his poop is very watery and loose. I took him to our avian vet 2 times and all she can say is to get him off seeds and put him on pellets. This didnt make sense to me as when we got the bird he wasnt eating seeds and had the same watery poop. We also went to see another avian vette who said same thing about not eating seeds and he wanted to do blood work for like 500 dollars which i wasn't able to afford. I converted him to 80% pellets and there was no difference in his poop. She tested his poop and said all looks ok When we got him he was only being fed nutriberries and Harrison but the bird wasn't eating the Harrison. We were told that's all that sandy would eat. So we tried feeding him all kinds of things and he would eat almost anything. fruits veggies corn flakes chicken etc. Poor guy wasn't being fed too well. Ok here is my question. I understand the the poop has 3 parts; the solid matter feces that is coiled, urates which are opaque white or cream colored and urine a colorless liquid. Sandy poop doesnt have any urates in it only the feces and mostly urine. It is not diarrhea (so the vett said). Can anyone tell me what would cause the birds poop to not have the urates in it and why the poop is so watery? Thanks in advance
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Appropriate Setup For Cocatiel

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- 01-22-17 10:43 - 0 comments

Hi All!

I am looking for advice on my cage and play area and was wondering if it is appropriate for a single cockatiel.

Many Thanks,

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Bald/Bleeding Patch Under Wing

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- 01-11-17 04:51 - 0 comments

My cockatiel Elephant just got home from a two week stay at my parents house, and when I went to pick her up my mom pointed out an inflamed area under her wing. It's vacant of feathers and from the looks of the scabbing she's been picking at it. Mom thought it might be from grooming her too much. Anyway now that Elephant is home we've noticed her picking at it while she cleans. Scabbing seems to have gone down but were wondering if we need to take any action. Perhaps wrap it up? Has anyone else experienced something similar?
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